Pablo Lyle: a judge set house arrest and bail of $ 50,000 for the Mexican actor

The prosecution had requested bail of one million dollars for Lyle, who on March 31 attacked a 63-year-old man in Miami, who died a few days later.

Actor Pablo Lyle will have to remain under house arrest in Miami and will have to pay bail of $ 50,000 for the assault on a 63-year-old man on March 31, according to a judge’s orders.

The Mexican interpreter appeared before the court in Miami, where the prosecution had requested bail of one million dollars, the actor handed over his passport and was prevented from approaching the family of Juan Ricardo Hernández, the man to whom attacked and died on April 4.

The prosecutor had also requested that the charges of involuntary manslaughter or second-degree murder be considered against the plaintiff, which could increase his sentence in prison.

Finally, Judge Alan Fine decided to fix Lyle’s bail of $ 50,000, as well as house arrest in Miami.

Lyle will have another hearing in May

criminal hearing in May

According to journalist David Ovalle, who was present at the hearing, the judge also ordered Lyle to carry a GPS monitor. He also indicated that the actor could face murder charges, but it is not yet a fact.

Parker Branton, an ABC journalist, also present at the hearing, said that during the process Lyle maintained the argument that he hit the man because he “feared for his life.”

Next May 1 will determine if there is a change in the charges that Lyle will face.

Lyle was accompanied by his wife, Ana Araujo

Lyle had faced a charge of assault (third-degree crime) for beating the man. To recover his freedom, he paid a bail of $ 5,000.

However, once the man died (after his family decided to disconnect him to the devices that kept him alive), the legal situation of the Mexican actor changed.

Precisely this morning’s hearing was for the judge to determine if it was necessary to set a new bond and modify the charges.

The actor upon his arrival at the court in Miami

The actor upon his arrival at the court in Miami

Lyle was accompanied at the hearing by his wife Ana Araujo, and his lawyer, Bruce Lehr.

After the prosecution requested bail of one million dollars, Lyle’s defense argued that the actor had cooperated with the investigation and that the surveillance video in which the aggression was caught had been accelerated.

He also insisted on the fact that the actor tried to protect his wife and children of Hernandez.

Lyle and his family were traveling in a car driven by Lucas Delfino, who when trying to turn in U found his vehicle. Both drivers began to argue and when the 63-year-old man returned to his car, Lyle got out of the car and assaulted him.

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